“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by

the compassionate actions of its members.”

– Coretta Scott King

Alicia Spears

Alicia Spears
Board Chair
Business and Revitalization Association
Why I chose Greater Chatham


Darlene Tribue
Board Vice-Chair
Park Manor Neighbor’s Community Council
Why I chose Greater Chatham


Michel Bennett
Board Member
DePaul University
Why I chose Greater Chatham


Kristin Faust
Board Member
Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago
Why I chose Greater Chatham


Eiran Feldman
Board Member
First InSite Realty
Why I chose Greater Chatham


Victoria Lakes-Battle
Board Member
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John Markowski
Board Member
Community Investment Corporation
Why I chose Greater Chatham


Ursula Phoenix
Board Member
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Nedra Sims Fears
Executive Director
Greater Chatham Initiative
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Micro-Market Recovery Program (MMRP)

• The Micro Market Recovery Program (MMRP) started in 2011 as an initiative by the City of Chicago as a response t the foreclosure crisis and vacancy challenges Chicago faced ant its impact on neighborhoods

• Through close collaboration between the City of Chicago, NHS, CIC, and Greater Chatham Initiative, MMRP identifies vacant properties or vulnerable owners and connects them to financial assistance. foreclosure counseling, legal or technical assistance from the City/partners or potential investors/homebuyers as appropriate.

• The goal in all cases is stable, affordable housing, but the role of the local community organization is key in determining the best path to reach it based on the specific conditions in each neighborhood.

• The MMRP strengthens homeownership and helps build equity in 10 neighborhoods by putting vacant properties back to use.

• The MMRP’s goal is to stabilize, revitalize and strengthen our communities.

Trolly Housing Tours
Housing Resources

Business Development

Greater Chatham is comprised of Auburn Gresham, Avalon Park, Chatham and Greater Grand Crossing neighborhoods. It is a significant business hub. Per the 2010 US Census Data, Greater Chatham has 4,086 firms that have a combined workforce of 51,878 employees of which 20% live in the area. Greater Chatham has five industrial clusters that have $720 million in annual sales: 1,048 business services and headquarters that have $274 million in annual sales; 355 retail in $274 million in annual sale; 10 metal fabrication firms that have $82 million in annual sales; 128 transportation, distribution and logistics firms that have $82 million in annual sales; and 7 food packaging and processing firms that $7 million in annual sales.

Industrial Collaborative Conference

Neighborhood Opportunity Fund Services

Dining on the Five 2019

Economic Development

The Investors Summit is for investors who have rental properties (apartments &/or storefronts) or who rehab and sell homes to owner occupants. Over 100 participants attend GCI investor summits.

GCI Investors Summit

Workforce Development

CHICAGO—(May 13, 2019) The Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership (The Partnership) announced the beginning of construction on a new education, workforce and community center in the Chatham neighborhood of Chicago’s South Side. The Center will be a single location for an integrated array of high-quality services for workers, job seekers, and businesses.

GCI’s Workforce Development goal is to return middle-skill adults to quality jobs through employer engagement and specialized industry-driven training. Connect job-ready youth with employment opportunities and employer-driven training. Increase the job-readiness of youth who face barriers to employment. Drive residents from the informal economy to the formal economy. Ensure workers of all skill levels have continued access to education and training programs that develop the “right” human capital to meet labor demands.

Public Safety

GCI’s Public Safety goal is to target public safety challenges through heightened community engagement, reduce youth violence through prevention, intervention and interruption efforts, and create more “safe spaces” where youth, families, and seniors can learn, play and socialize.

Restorative Practices are ways of pro-actively developing relationships and community, as well as repairing community when harm is done.  Restorative Practices include underlying mindsets, language, and processes to be used when conflict occurs.  When successfully integrated through…culture and climate, Restorative Practices create safe and productive learning spaces where individuals develop social and emotional skills and strong relationships with peers. (Blood & Thornsborne, 2005)

Chatham Center Chicago

Artist on the 9   The Greater Chatham Initiative (GCI) is pleased to establish a new arts district to reenergize 79th Street, tentatively named Artists on the 9 (the “Program). The Artists on the 9 program has two main goals; 1) rehabilitate existing storefronts so that artists and entrepreneurs can occupy 21st-century spaces along 79th Street; and 2) create a vibrant and attractive nexus of activity that brings community members to the corridor and attracts Millennials – the next generation of homeowners and renters.

Dining on the 5 Greater Chatham Initiative, (GCI) is proud to present our 3rd annual “Dining on the 5” Restaurant Festival where patio seating is made available along 75th Street.  Dining on the 5 (75th Street’s nickname is the “5”), opens July 13th and continue through Labor Day weekend. Dining on the Five is filled with great food, healthy activities and fun for the entire family. Dining on the Five is in the Chatham Center Chicago Business District in the heart of “Restaurant Row” on Chicago’s south 75th street (State Street to Cottage Grove Ave.)

Kwanzaa on the 9 It’s going to be a very merry Christmas in Greater Chatham this year! Get into the spirit by taking advantage of special promotions at local businesses, seeing some of 79th Street’s businesses transformed with Kwanzaa-inspired window displays, and enjoying gospel caroling with local churches. Kids can even have their pictures taken with Black Santa and meet a few real reindeer!

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