Workforce Development

Greater Chatham’s workforce is here for you.  We’re employed in construction, health care, education, finance, retail, public administration, administration, accommodation and food service, transportation, and manufacturing, wholesale trade.

We have a large variety of residents with various skills and educational backgrounds. Our residents educational ranges from those with graduate degrees (7%) , College graduates (12%), Associate degrees (8%), Some college, no degree (30%), High School Diploma (29%) and less than high school (14%). Our middle-skill neighbors are mature and have experience. The median age (which means if you lined everyone up by age the person in the middle would be the median ) is 35 years in Greater Grand Crossing to a high of 44 years in Avalon Park.

Of our workforce, 57% are active in the labor force. 80% are employed and 20% are unemployed, based on 2013-2017 census data. 43% of our workforce is in the informal economy, which means they are not employed nor are they looking for work.

Job Training and Assistance                               

BSD Industries – Learn injection molding

TDL @ Olive Harvey   CDL Licensing

Mfg Technologies  @ Daley College

US Census Bureau Part-time positions $22.5/hr

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